1-Click Surveys

ReviewJump is a survey tool your customers will actually use.

We call them 1-Click Surveys because all it takes is one click from your customer. If they want to provide additional feedback, they can.

1-Click Survey
Uncover Problem Employees

Uncover Problem Employees

Discover problem employees before their actions start hurting your profitability.

Since ReviewJump acts as a third-party survey tool, unhappy customers will more likely open up and share their true feelings about your business.

Your Customer Service Tool

Yes, ReviewJump can help you get more reviews. Before that though, it’s a great customer service tool.

When an angry customer has publicly slammed your business online, it’s likely too late. Be proactive, instead of reactive!

Customer Service Tool
Employee Training

You’re Fired/Promoted

Our savvy clients use the employee performance data ReviewJump provides as a basis for discipline, training, and employee bonuses and incentives.

How could you leverage this type of data to get more from your employees?

Managers Are Employees Too

As simple as ReviewJump is to use, it’s sophisticated enough to simultaneously track customer sentiment on multiple levels.

This means you can measure performance of front-line employees, managers, locations, regions, and the entire company… all at the same time.

Manager Performance Tracking
More New Customers

More New Customers

You already know, the better your employees perform, the more your customers will buy from and refer your business.

Discover how else ReviewJump can help you obtain more new customers. To learn more, click here.


Companies of all different sizes, industries, and countries utilize ReviewJump to gain new customers. However, we’re the first to admit, we’re not a great fit for every business.

Discover if ReviewJump is right for you!
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