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Instead, we prefer cold hard facts and data so we can make informed and efficient decisions. So, here you’ll find our very own workshops, surveys, analyses, and research. Since we are constantly updating this page, feel free to check back often!

Speaking and Events

Speaking and Events

You’ll love reputation management almost as much as we do! Hire a ReviewJump speaker and get hands-on training for your audience to boost their online reputation.

2017 Local Search Analysis

Local Search Analysis

Opinions are not welcome here. And since Google will never reveal the secrets to their local search algorithm, we aim to reverse engineer it with solid research.

Local Citation List

Local Citation List

If you’re a local business, building proper citations will help you achieve real search engine visibility. Check out our list of 70+ regularly updated, trustworthy local citation sites.

Local Search Statistics

  • 46% of consumers expect a response within 6 hours of reaching out to a company on social media. ~ ReviewJump, January 2016
  • 54% of people have read online reviews before buying from a local business. ~ ReviewJump, January 2016
  • Listings 1-3 of Google’s local results have an average of 472% more reviews than listings 4-6. ~ ReviewJump, Q4 2015
  • The top 3 Google local results have more reviews, nearly twice as often as the next 3 results. ~ ReviewJump, Q4 2015
  • 63% of the time, Google’s local 3-pack contains the listing with the most reviews. ~ ReviewJump, Q4 2015
  • A listing in the top 3 Google local results has an average of 7.62 reviews, compared to just 1.61 reviews in results 4-6. ~ ReviewJump, Q4 2015